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As you perfectly know the Skoubee medal is the best way to protect your pet against disappearance. Thanks to NFC and QR Code technology it is easy to identify the owner and give him back his pet. But the best way doesn’t mean the only way. That’s why below you will find basic rules and tips that will make your beloved pet safe:

  • When you go out with your pet, always try to keep it on the leash or harness.It is very important especially in new or crowded places.
  • If you unleash your pet during the walk, you have to look after it carefully. It is easy to lose it.
  • If it is possible – train your pet. It will be more amenable.
  • Never let your pet go out without any care. It is the easier way to lose it.
  • In certain countries it is mandatory to microchip your pet, the Skoubee medal could be a real plus in order to have access to information related to your favorite pet. It will simplify your pet’s saviors directly contact with you.
  • Remember – your pet has feelings, so treat it well.
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Return your pet

  • scanning the QR code on the Skoubee medal with the smartphone,
  • reading the NFC chip in the Skoubee medal with the smartphone or (NFC settings on),
  • entering the 8-digit number on the

Now you are able to contact the owner and return him a missing pet. Become a hero and make lost pet safe and happy!

If you found lost pet with Skoubee tag, please write down PIN code in the window below and contact with owner to return it.

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